Wing Wing

Graham Libby was from Devon he had done a trip as a passenger and was now working at the workshop doing all the odd jobs. We were always taking the rise out of his accent and to counter that he had a cockney saying "I've got Foury fowsand apples in my orchad". It used to break us up, it didn't sound the least bit cockney. Graham bought a run down Renault 5 and was very proud of it until one of the front wing fell off it was so rusty. He got a new wing for it and the car got the nickname "Wing". A few weeks later the other wing did the same, so after being repair it was now referred to as "Wing Wing".

One day Graham offered Maureen (Dave's girlfriend) a lift into London, everything went well at first then Maureen notice the odd person waving at her. At first she didn't think much of it but as more people waved she, being an Australian thought these Londoners are very friendly. Then someone ran out into the road waving as if to stop them, Maureen asked Graham to stop and when they pulled over that back of the car was on fire with clouds of smoke drifting skyward. They grabbed their belonging and stood on the footpath and watched "Wing Wing" self cremate. "How come you didn't see the smoke while you were driving?" , "I don't know". Graham always was a bit vague.