Wet & Dry

I remember the time when Dave Watt had this thing about throwing water over people? Probably around the time he tipped a whole pint over my head in the Royal Adelaide Pub. He was chasing me around a bus with a can of water, what he hadn't realised was that earlier I had been rubbing down some panels with "wet and dry" sandpaper.

As I ran around the corner like a gazelle with a leopard on its heels, I suddenly realised there was a God after all. As Dave came racing round the corner of the bus with a big grin on his face with his little can, he was confronted by me with a large bucket of water! His expression changed to panic as two gallons of filthy water headed his way through the air. I think he said something like "O-Oh - Things didn't go the way Ted planned" - an extract from Benny Hill's Ernie the milkman. 

Memories from John Knowles (mechanic - Swagman Tours)