The Toast

Our little tea room was a buzz of activity during tea breaks and lunch. The oven would be on heating up pies etc and there was always a queue for the griller. We didn't have a toaster so bread was grilled on one side then turned to brown the other side. Dave sat next to the grill so he was called upon to turn the toast when required. John (mechanic) sitting further back had a good view of the grill and was often the one to call out when the time came. This morning John chirped up

John - "Dave Dave the toasts burning"

Few seconds pause

Dave quickly realising it was too late replied
"Its OK mate I like mine well done" .

Few more seconds go by

John - "Dave Dave its smoking"

Dave turns and looks under the grill

Dave - " Just a bit browner"

5 seconds more

John - " Daaave its"

By now flames are coming up out of the grill and it is at this point that John realises that Dave is having him on.

John - "Oh your blood mad".

The room is by now thick with smoke from the stove, driving us out into the workshop to finish having a good laugh!