The tea room door

Our new workshop at Slough has a grand Tea Room built by Norm with windows looking out into the workshop. At one end is the stove to cook our meals and down one side are tables and chairs. These are not your average tables and chairs no we have old bus seats set up in pairs so four people can sit around a table, it seats 12 in total.

It is a far cry from our old workshop were we sat on old oil drums in one corner that was separated from the workshop by pieces of canvas hanging like giant washing. We were becoming very fond of our Tea Room and looked forward to our breaks. One morning Norm was over helping, (well that's what he called it) when someone called "Teas up" . We downed tools and wandered over, those with very dirty hands would give them a wash those with not so dirty hands would rub them on a cleanish bit of their overalls.

We were all seated and tucking into toast and tea when Norm arrived. As he pulled the Tea Room door shut it jammed a little on the frame, now it had been doing this for a few days but we had learnt to live with it, not Norm. He set of across the workshop and returned with an angle grinder and a step ladder and proceeded to grind the offending part of the door. Paint flakes and wood dust were showering down on the weary occupants of the Tea Room and no amount shouting would put a stop to it . When he did stop we were all covered in dust with wood floating round in our tea and Norm gave us one of those grins that say "That was fun".

He lived to regret the incident because every time one of us felt the need to do something right now particularly if Norm didn't agree, we would say "Sorry mate but its a Tea Room Door".

It still one of my saying even though no one has a clue what I'm going on about.