The Kodak Lady

Our office in Kings road was a bit of a travel agency, we sold tickets for Thai Airways and made bookings for most of the European tour operators. Part of our service was selling Kodak film and to help premote our sales we were given a Kodak Point of Sale aid in the shape of a bikini clad women. This was a self standing cardboard cut out that stood outside the shop during opening hours.

Dave was always the joker, he never missed a chance to get a laugh. Like the day he found one of the glue guns that had a meter long stream of dried glue hanging out of it. This was to good to miss and when we were having a cold beer at the pub later in the day Dave turned his back to the bar and did the biggest sneeze ever. When he turned back round he had the meter of glue hanging from his nose and proceeded to ask for a hanky.

When we arrived at work one day Dave was already there and as we entered the workshop music was playing and he was dancing with the Kodak lady. Well that got a laugh, later he was seen with the Kodak ladies hand down the front of his trousers and his stupid grin said it all. I have always regretted not getting a picture of that moment it was priceless.

When we went to wake Dave the next morning he had the Kodak Lady in bed with him she stayed for about a week until the novelty value wore off. His next bed companion was a traffic cone but that didn't last when Maureen came on the scene "she was not sleeping with a traffic cone".