Pictures of Bristols buses in service with Asian Greyhound

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VDV 749 is the last remaining
LS Bristol from the Swagman Fleet.

Now painted back in its original
Royal Blue colours.

It is owned and
restored by Peter Wigley

Video of VDV taken Xmas 2005

For a larger veiw, wait till movie starts then right click on player and select "Zoom" then "Full Screen"

Bristol LS - VDV 749

Ian & Gordon with OTT 81

Ian building a Gardner HLX

Slough workshop

MW & RELH Bristols in Slough

RELH Bristol Kings Road Windsor

OWX136 at Brighton Rally

Brighton Rally

OTT81 in Kensington High St

OTT 81 Germany

OTT 81 Austria

OTT 81

OTT 81

Fred with OTT 81

OTT in europe

303 GHN Europe

OTT 81 West bound meets
2 buses east bound

2 east bound LS were caught in
Indo Pakistan war

303 GHN stops for water

OTT 81 above Kotor

OTT at top of climb

OTT at Kotor Yugoslavia

Bogged in Yugoslavia

OTT 81 at Lake Van Turkey

OTT 81 near Mt Arrarat

OTT 81 in north Iran

VDV 773

303 GHN Iranian desert

303 GHN on salt lake Iran

303GHN, OWX136 & VDV773 on
mud lake near Kerman Iran

Rides on the roof

Dorothy (76) driving OTT81

Fun on the mud lake - Iran

Miles of nothing

OWX136 at desert lighthouse
near Bam in southern Iran

OTT 81 in Southern Iran

OWX 136 broken down in
Zahedan Iran

Drivers haircut Zahedan

OTT 81 in Afghanistan

OTT 81 enroute to Bamian

Near Mazar-i-shrif

OWX136 in Pakistan

OTT 81 in sand - India

Digging OWX 136 out

OTT in Old Delhi

OTT at the top of the Raj Path
in Nepal

OWX 136 being unloaded in Kathmandu

An overland journey to India following the India overland trail through Belgium, Germany, Austria Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, & Nepal. Visting sites of Dubrovnic, Split, Kotor, Athens, Kerimoti, Istanbul, Galipolli, Troy, Delphi, Efes, Goreme, Nemrut, Tehran, Esphan, Persepolis, Shiraz, Kerman, Bam, Quetta, Kandahar, Kabul, Bamian Valley, Kyhber Pass, Indus river, Lahore, Punjab, Amritsar, Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, Taj Mahal, Vanaris, Patna, Raj Path, Kathmandu, Himalyas. All this undertaken in a 20 year old Asian Greyhound, Swagman Tours, LS Bristol bus. This Indiaoverland company was held together by Norm Harris an expatriate Aussie living in Windsor. With drivers like Bob Ashford, Geoff Lawrence, Clive Parker, Dave Watt, Ronnie Martin, John Witchard, Ken Mcdonald, Derek Amey & couriers Fred Fisher, Jos Livingstone, Peter Swift, Kieren Smith & mechanics Gordon Hammond, Graham Libby, Pomme John & Rastas just to name a few.